Aula Aberta | Bigger than Big Data: The LHC Experiments | 4 de novembro

Aula aberta no âmbito da unidade curricular “Big Data”, da Licenciatura em Bioinformática, dia 4 de novembro às 16h00.

Título: “Bigger than Big Data: The LHC Experiments"

Orador: Eduardo Castanho (ESTBarreiro/IPS & FCUL)

Local: sala 1.10, ESTBarreiro/IPS


The last decade has witnessed an explosion in the quantity of data available, raising challenges in both scientific and business domains. Most of these domains are still learning how to process and analyze large quantities of data to their benefit. However, this is not new for Particle Physics, where enormous quantities of data are a reality in decades.
Particle Physics explains the universe by using small pieces of "lego”. To discover these pieces, headed the technological revolution of the twentieth century. The huge amount of data produced by the LHC collider is a challenge that goes far beyond typical Big Data Analytics, forcing decision-making under extreme temporal restrains.
In this open class, the goal is to provide an overview of the LHC experiments, why we need to generate huge amounts of data, and how Big Data was used to cook a Nobel Prize.