Seminário "LHC: Going Larger than Big Data" | 13 Novembro 2019

No próximo dia 13 de novembro às 11h30, irá ocorrer o Seminário "LHC: Going Larger than Big Data" no âmbito da Unidade Curricular de Big Data do curso de licenciatura em Bioinformática, mas aberto a todos os interessados nestas matérias.

Local: Sala 1.05
Orador: Eduardo Castanho (FCUL)

Trying to explain the fundamental behavior of the universe using pieces of "lego", Particle Physics leads the technological revolution during the twentieth century. The huge amount of Data produced by the LHC collider is a challenge that go far beyond typical “Big Data Analytics”, forcing decision-making under extreme temporal restrains.

In this seminar, the goal is to provide an overview of the LHC experiment, the need to generate huge amounts of data, and how to turn a petabyte per second of information, first into an easier Big Data problem and ultimately into a Nobel Price.