Competences and Services

The highly qualified human resources and the laboratorial resources of excellence of Barreiro School of Technology/ESTBarreiro/IPS make possible the development of projects and the providing of specialized service to the surrounding community in the areas of Bioengineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Mathematics.

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We present you some of the services that can be provided and organized by curricular areas:


  • Microbiological Analysis (food, water, soils – non-certified)
  • Insects’ identification (natural enemies) and environmental disturbance bioindicators


  • DNA extraction
  • Agarose and Polyacrylamide gel (analysis of proteins and nucleic acids)
  • Taxonomic and molecular identification of pests prejudicial to the agricultural and forest cultures
  • Real-time PCR services.

Construction and Rehabilitation

  • Characterization of materials/products/constructive systems under the national and international normative collection
  • Development of materials/products/constructive systems
  • Characterization studies of buildings performance
  • Buildings rehabilitation studies
  • Buildings reuse studies for new usage
  • Chemical and Industrial Engineering
  • Anti-corrosion behavior analysis of metallic surfaces
  • Development of new materials.


  • Geologic and geotechnical training programs
  • Support and development of geotechnical and Oil & Gas projects
  • Stone preservation of monuments
  • Soils, rocks and massifs assays
  • Diagnosis and evaluation of stone damage on monuments
  • Monitoring Assessments of geotechnical interventions and of Oil & Gas and of environment
  • Geologic and geotechnical assessments on geotechnical interventions and on Oil & Gas and on environmental fields.

Hydraulics and Environment

  • Water resources evaluation
  • Water resources and hydrology assays
  • Assays to minimize impact of water loss and leakage in systems
  • Assay and characterization of areas that will benefit of irrigation
  • Water and energy efficiency management
  • Resources integrated management
  • Planning, conception and design of water rural and public supply system
  • Planning, conception and design of irrigation and agricultural drainage systems
  • Hydrographic basin planning.

Mathematics and Informatics

  • Numerical simulation
  • Data analysis and processing
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Optimus control problems applied to fluids
  • Multivariate Data Analysis Services in health area
  • Stochastic processes services.

Mechanics and Structures

  • Infrastructures and Structural materials training programs
  • Civil Engineering Consultancy and projects management
  • Development, characterization and quality control of structural materials
  • Computer applications development for infrastructures
  • Structural material assays on lab and on site
  • Structural monitoring studies
  • Infrastructures audits
  • New solutions development projects on structural reinforcement and the correspondent performance evaluation.

Processes in Biological and Chemical Engineering

  • Laboratorial Analyses (subject to previous confirmation)
  • Chromatography analysis technique
  • Molecular absorption spectroscopy technique
  • Batteries, supercapacitors and fuel cells
  • Optimization processes consultancy
  • Electrochemistry applied on the health sector
  • Projects association and partnership
  • Biofuel energy production
  • Chemical project
  • Chemical and biological analyses: chloride analyses and water analyses (non-certified)
  • Chemistry training sessions.

Urbanism and Pathways

  • Cartography assessment
  • Buildings rehabilitation studies
  • Buildings reuse studies for new usage
  • Infrastructures monitoring through photographic images
  • Architecture projects.