Mission, Vision and Institutional Values


Barreiro School of Technology, as a public higher education institution, defines as its mission the training of technicians with comprehensive, theoretical and pragmatic knowledge capable of fulfilling the national and international job market needs, completely aware of their ethics and deontological responsibility and of the importance of a constant knowledge recycling.

The institution is dedicated to establish itself as a School of Higher Education regarded as a well-renowned education institution with great quality standards, for the benefit of the country and Setubal district in particular. Regarding the institution’s goals we highlight the following:

  • The guaranty of the training quality (which reflects the concern regarding the qualification and pedagogical competence of the teaching staff as well of the available technical and non-technical means).
  • The investment in polytechnic training highly sustained on practice and the investment in the acquisition, development and use of laboratory equipment.
  • The guaranty that its graduates assume themselves as thorough professionals with high level of technical competence and awareness of the need of performing their professional activity with total respect for the deontological rules;
  • Positive interaction with the district’s public and private entities promoting the development of the territory.


  • A choice that guarantees a successful future.

Institutional Values

Barreiro School of Technology endorses values such as:

  • Competence
  • Professional ethics
  • Accuracy
  • Responsibility