Energy Rehabilitation and Building Conservation (Barreiro School of Technology and CINEL- Lisbon

About this programme

CTeSP (Professional Higher Technical Courses) in Energy Rehabilitation and Buildings Conservation trains professionals that will be able to act effectively in the rehabilitation, conservation and maintenance of buildings; to implement energy rehabilitation solutions; to schedule and coordinate the implementation of small and medium-sized conservation and maintenance interventions; to define technical rehabilitation and conservation solutions in order to reduce to the minimum the necessary resources that allow the buildings normal operative.

This short programme has a length of four semesters, three curricular semesters and a last semester when students will be enrolled in an internship (work placement) made possible by the more fifteen internship entities with agreement protocol. Among these entities are the district’s City Councils, the ISQ (Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade), Bongreen (the company responsible for the Portal of Sustainable Construction and several construction site companies and technical facilities that act in the buildings conservation and rehabilitation, infrastructures and facilities sectors.

The programme will take place at:

Barreiro School of Technology/ESTBarreiro/IPS

CINEL (Lisboa)


To train technicians able to plan, execute and coordinate conservation and maintenance interventions; to define rehabilitation and conservation technical solutions; to design and implement energy rehabilitation solutions.

Professional outputs

  • Municipal Offices (City Councils/ Technical Offices)>/li>
  • Construction Site companies
  • Specialised Technical Services
  • Project Management Offices
  • Architecture Offices

Why choosing this programme

  • Vocational training in the subsectors of construction sites experiencing rapid expansion – the subsectors of energy efficiency and buildings conservation and rehabilitation
  • This graduate is exempted from admission test in the degree programs of Barreiro School of Technology/ESTBarreiro/IPS when prospecting to continue study in higher education
  • Barreiro School of technology/ESTBarreiro/IPS offers consolidated training programmes in the area of construction and civil engineering - CTeSP, Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

Curricular programme

Study Plan (The study plan is presented in Portuguese. As soon as possible it will be available in English.)

Length and total of ECTS credits


Programme coordinator

Cristiana Pereira