Geodecision 2019 Meeting

Geodecision for Sustainable Communities
9-11 October 2019 | Porto, Portugal


First Day - 9th of October 2019

Opening Ceremony

  • Filipe Araújo - Vice-President of Porto Municipality
  • João Agria Torres - Portuguese Engineers Association
  • Maria João Henriques - Organizing Committee  


Keynote Speakers Session - Moderator Maria João Henriques

  • Filipe Araújo (Porto Municipality) - The importance of City data


Technical Session I - Moderator Ana Cláudia Teodoro

  • Landslide Hazard Analysis (LHA) based on knowledge approach: Case of Western of Algeria - Rachida Senouci, Nasr-Eddine Taibi, Ana Cláudia Teodoro, Lia Duarte, Rabia Yahia Meddah abstract (PDF | 413Kb)
  • Identification of Senior Citizen Social Activation Areas- a Polish Case Study - Elzbieta Zysk, Agnieszka Dawidowicz, Marta Figurska abstract (PDF | 245Kb)


Technical Session II - Moderator Elisa Almeida

  • Lia Duarte (Speaker Guest, University of Porto) - Environmental risk assessment through the development of GIS open source applications presentation (PDF | 3Mb)
  • The Role of Data Harmonization in the Implementation of Environmental Framework Directives - Rui Reis, Cláudia Cordovil abstract (PDF | 192Kb) , presentation (PDF | 1Mb)
  • How to assure quality and reliability of Spatial Data Infrastructures - Fabio Bittencourt, Sampo Savolainen
  • Tool for the planning of rural electrification taking into account criteria of the territorial ordering - Mirelys Torres-Pérez, María Rodríguez Gámez, Javier Domínguez Bravo, Marieta Peña Abreu abstract (PDF | 1Mb), presentation (PDF | 2Mb)


Second Day - 10th of October 2019

Technical Session III - Moderator Elzbieta Zysk

  • Comparison of indicator 11.3.1 estimates provided by distinct assumptions on the urban population distribution - Rita Nicolau abstract (PDF | 362Kb), presentation (PDF | 1Mb)
  • Use of KPIs to show the impact of geospatial information - Fabio Bittencourt, Jaana Mäkelä
  • The idea of Green cadastre for sustainable development of agricultural land - case study of Poland (city of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn) - Agnieszka Dawidowicz, Elzbieta Zysk, Sabina Zróbek, Ryszard Zróbek abstract (PDF | 245Kb)


Technical Session IV - Moderator Elisa Almeida

  • Ana Cláudia Teodoro (Speaker Guest, University of Porto) - Geospatial Information in land planning
  • David Fernandes (Speaker Guest, EDP Produção) - GEOPROnull@EDP


Round Table “Sustainability in Geo-enabled Organizations”. Moderator: Bento Aires (Portuguese Engineers Association)

  • Ana Paula Moreira, EDP Produção
  • Alexandre Marques, Pragosa Group
  • Ozan Koseoglu, Digital Living Services


Third Day - 11th of October 2019

Keynote Speakers Session (jointly organized with FIG Young Surveyors Network)

  • Rudolf Steiger (FIG President)
  • Nigel Sellars (RICS)
  • Ozan Koseoglu (Digital Living Services)
  • Carlos Antunes (University of Lisbon)


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