About this programme

The programme was planned as a bachelor's degree in generalist biotechnology, ensuring a wide range of career opportunities for future graduates. This training is specifically aimed at students interested in pursuing a career in the biotechnology sector - whether in large biotech multinational companies or in the pharmaceutical industry or in small businesses, exploring new innovations in the field. The training in Biotechnology combines the laboratory skills and theoretical knowledge provided in the various curricular units and an internship or a biotechnological project in order to prepare the graduate to join the job market in various sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Food, Agricultural or Biological research industries/Biotechnology.


The Bachelor of Biotechnology will provide students with basic training in key areas of biosciences as well as specialized training in the areas of chemistry, chemical engineering processes, biotechnology, microbiology and molecular genetics. There is a great demand for biotechnologists in Europe and Portugal, and this programmewill help prepare students for an exciting career in this field. In addition, the combination of skills and knowledge acquired provide a solid foundation for a wide range of employment opportunities or further studies at Masters or PhD levels.

Professional outputs

The areas of intervention of the professionals in Biotechnology graduated by Barreiro School Technology/ESTBarreiro/IPS are generically as follows:

  • Biological / chemical / biochemical diagnostics laboratories
  • Biotechnology and related industries, of which the most important are Pharmaceuticals, Food and Agro-food
  • Environmental area, namely in Water and Wastewater Treatment Stations, integration in teams to carry out Environmental Impact Studies
  • Water companies, among others
  • Companies of services of the sector and related, namely in the area of ??Medicine/Health
  • Technical assistance in Project and Consultancy Offices
  • Integration, planning, automation and systems control
  • Intervention in the production, development and control of final products of small and medium-sized businesses.

Why choosing this programme

The main reasons to choose the degree in Biotechnology at Barreiro School Technology/ESTBarreiro/IPS, are:

  • The school’s family-like environment
  • It is a “broadband training”, since Biotechnology covers many sectors (Health, Food, Environment) converging to good employability
  • Excellent professional perspectives in the area of the programmed and related areas worldwide, once this is an expanding area in great development
  • This bachelor integrates in its curricular plan a biotechnological internship/project on job site (work placement), increasing the vocational education nature of the course.

Curricular programme

Study Plan

Length and total of ECTS credits


Programme coordinator

Sónia Santos

International student annual fee

1350,00 euros

European student annual fee

871,52 euros

International student entrance

Please check here entrance requirements for International Students at International Students or at  Study in Setubal