Petroleum Technologies

About this programme

The bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Technologies is the first degree training created in the Portuguese public higher education system specialized in the fields of Refinery and Prospecting & Production of Oil and Gas, in order to meet the growing demand for qualified human resources in this area. The course has a strong scientific and professional component and addresses to the challenges of the worldwide job market, especially the CPLP countries.

The teachers are mainly PhD professors and active experts with internationally relevant professional experience in the various sectors of the oil industry, assuring that the training provided at Barreiro School of Technology with such high qualities facilities will be the most adequate for the development of competences and acquisition of skills and knowledge that enables graduates to develop a promising career in this industry of worldwide importance.


The bachelor’s degree of Petroleum Technologies seeks to train high level professionals for the different areas of intervention of the oil and gas industry, namely for prospecting & production and refinery.

Graduates are expected to have excellent basic training, with a strong specialization component, while maintaining general training in the area of ??oil and gas technologies. For this reason the training structured is composed of two branches, one of Prospecting and Production and the other of Refinery, but with a solid generalist training assured by shared curricular units and transversal to the whole curricular plan.

It is also the objective of this course that the graduates acquire skills that allow them to continue the studies at master’s level in this area or similar ones with a suitable professional profile for this industrial sector in great development at worldwide level.

Professional outputs

The programmewas structured as a degree in Petroleum Technologies with a generalist foundation, guaranteeing a wide range of professional opportunities in oil companies and companies providing services to the petroleum industry and related, for future graduates in Petroleum Technologies, namely in:

Prospecting and production branch:

  • Oil & Gas onshore and offshore prospecting
  • Engineering of Oil and Gas Wells
  • Engineering of Oil and Gas Reservoirs
  • Oil & Gas Production onshore and offshore
  • Construction of Oil & Gas structures onshore
  • Structure construction of Oil & Gas offshore (oil platforms) and underwater infrastructures.

Refinery branch:

  • Refinery
  • Biorefinery and Biofuels
  • Petrochemical
  • Refineries and Biorefineries Facilities Construction
  • Quality, Environment and Safety in Petroleum Industries.

Why choosing this programme

  • The opportunity of working in one of the most important industry sectors in global expansion and in particular in the CPLP countries.
  • The possibility of developing a promising national and/or international career.

Curricular programme

Study plan

Length and total of ECTS credits


Programme coordinator

Fátima Serralha, Marco Marques

International student annual fee

1350,00 euros

European student annual fee

871,52 euros

International student entrance

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