Biological and Chemical Engineering

About this programme

The master's degree programme in Biological and Chemistry Engineering (MCBE) is structured in two branches, enabling its students to acquire more specific skills in Biotechnological Processes and Chemical Processes.

The MCBE appears as an obvious solution to the demand of the 2nd cycle training, either from the graduates of the School or from industry professionals in the region. Thus, Barreiro School of Technology expands the available training in the area of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology in great demand and with good employability, reinforcing the already existing partnerships between the School and the industries and companies of the sector.


The master's degree in Biological and Chemistry Engineering seeks to train professionals that prospect a career in industry with solid knowledge of chemical and biotechnological processes, as well as the capacity to develop and implement new solutions and technologies. The professional profile of this master’s degree implies the ability to perform specific activities of intervention in the biological industry or in the chemical industry, but not exclusively on these areas and in alignment with the specialization aspect of each of the branches provided in the training. Nevertheless, the master's degree in Biological Engineering and Chemistry has a solid general education in both areas which is ensured by a strong shared core transversal to the entire curricular plan, thus reinforcing the skill of finding and developing innovative technical solutions for a wide range of problems, in different professional contexts, in the area of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, and interface areas. This “broadband” programme trains professionals capable of addressing the various challenges of the competitive and constantly innovating job market.

Professional outputs

The masters’ graduates in Biological and Chemistry Engineering at Barreiro School of Technology will be creative and proactive professionals with soft skills such as teamwork and leadership capabilities in such diverse sectors as:

  • Industrial biotechnology
  • Chemical, petrochemical, textile, Agro-food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical industries
  • Quality control
  • Scientific research and technological development
  • Consultancy
  • Marketing of products or equipment.

Why choosing this programme

MCBE allows students to design their training profile through optional curricular units. Students will have the possibility to get in touch with the most recent and innovative techniques and procedures used in the Pharmaceutical or Food Industries or acquire transversal skills such as Organization Management or Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer.
In the last semester, the internships or projects will take place in the biotechnology or chemical industry or in scientific research laboratories. Professionals from the industry sector or research centers teach some of the curricular units of this training programme and are part of the teaching staff. The classes take place in the evening period allowing students to conciliate study with a professional activity.

Curricular programme

Study Plan - branch Biotechnological Processes
Study Plan - branch Chemical Processes

Length and total of ECTS credits


Programme coordinator

Maria de Lurdes Gameiro

International student annual fee

1980,00 euros

European student annual fee

871,52 euros

International student entrance

Please check here entrance requirements for International Students at International students or at  Study in Setubal