Building Conservation and Rehabilitation

About this programme

The master’s degree in Building Conservation and Rehabilitation seeks to provide the trainees with specialized skills to perform professional activities of maintenance, conservation and rehabilitation of buildings in a correct and sustainable way, taking into account the space identity, historical, architectonic and design factors, as well as its urban integration within the standards of modern life and comfort.

This high value training integrates scientific and pedagogical options essentially straightforward to the nowadays in-demand qualification in the areas of maintenance, conservation and rehabilitation of buildings promoting the following:

Energy Rehabilitation

Structural/Seismic Rehabilitation


This master’s degree seeks to provide the necessary complementary training to the 1stcycle graduates so they can attain the necessary requirements to the professional performance in the area of building maintenance, conservation and rehabilitation. It seeks to contribute to the increasing of the employability of the professionals providing specialized training in order to meet the current sector demands by means of a vocational education and through the use of contents related with energy efficiency, seismic rehabilitation, urban rehabilitation policies and financing programs, as well as the development of specific skills in the areas of preventive maintenance and conservation.

Professional Outputs

The professional profile of the Master of Building Conservation and Rehabilitation acquires a strategic value in the following activities:

  • Consultancy in the analysis of performance of old and new building constructions
  • Audit and analysis of old and new building constructions
  • Coordination and implementation of conservation, rehabilitation and maintenance;

Activities to be developed at:

  •  Building construction companies and public building construction
  • Project management offices, consultancy and audit companies
  • Central and local government services
  • Research laboratories and industrial development.

Why choosing this programme

  • Flexible course profile that fulfills the job market requirements
  • b-learning system
  • Scientific training sustained by the development of a strong practice nature
  • Qualified teaching staff that includes a specialist of well-known merit in the area
  • The quality of Barreiro School of Technology infrastructures

Curricular programme

Study Plan

Length and total of ECTS credits


Programme coordinator

Maria Eugénia Santos

International student annual fee

  • 1st year - 1980,00 euros
  • 2nd year - 1386,00 euros

European student annual fee

  • 1st year - 871,52 euros
  • 2nd year - 656,50 euros

International student entrance

Please check here entrance requirements for International Students at International Students or at  Study in Setubal