Civil Engineering

About this programme

The master’s degree programme in Civil Engineering, a programme of Barreiro School of Technology in partnership with the Instituto Superior de Engenharia[HC1] of the University of Algarve, is structured towards a specialization of professional nature, allowing the professional activity in the Civil Engineering field, according to the public statement of the Ordem dos Engenheiros [HC2] (English: Portuguese Order of Engineers). The course is structured as the established model with a long tradition abroad, namely in the countries of United Kingdom and Italy.


It is expected that the professional graduated at Barreiro School of Technology/ESTBarreiro/IPS acquires skills of flexibility with a global view of Civil Engineering and are well qualified to perform activities at different levels:

  • To execute- to solve problems in a professional way by applying the knowledge and insight acquired
  • To coordinate- the ability to sustain the solutions recommended and the judgments issued through the gathering, selection and interpretation of relevant information in an integrated way by including the social, scientific and ethical aspects considered relevant to the analysis
  • Self-learning and development– to possess methodologies and learning philosophies that allow them to acquire lifelong knowledge, in a fundamentally self-guided or autonomous way, with the objective of keeping up to date and having an ever broader vision of the different fields of civil engineering
  • Conception and innovation- to be able to apply knowledge and understanding in solving complex problems in new and unfamiliar situations in broad, limited or incomplete contexts and dealing with multidisciplinary information, and ability to change the principles, methods and techniques subject to technological, economic, social and environmental constraints.

Professional outputs

The cycle of studies leading to the master degree assures, in parallel with the bachelor training, the specialization in the areas of implementation and construction sites, in compliance with the Decree-Law No. 74/2006 that defines the competences of the master´s degree, article 15, as well as the public statement of the Ordem dos Engenheiros.
The professional profile of the master graduated by Barreiro School of Technology addresses the following specific mediation activities of the Civil Engineers:

  • To manage, direct and supervise constructions sites
  • Technical consultancy in construction companies
  • To step in, at local government agencies level, in instruction processes’, monitoring, analysis and audit of constructions sites and projects
  • To lead or integrate multidisciplinary teams
  • The capacity to create and manage construction site companies
  • To elaborate current civil engineering projects.

Why choosing this programme

Flexible course profile and adjusted to the job market requirements. Quality of teaching sustained by good facilities and modern laboratories. Qualified and motivated teaching staff. A schedule compatible with a professional activity.

Curricular programme

Study Plan

Length and total of ECTS credits


Programme coordinator

Rui Neves

International student annual fee

1980,00 euros

European student annual fee

871,52 euros

International student entrance

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